Notification of withdrawal from programme of study

  • Please review and approve the information below before filling in the form:

    If you report a withdrawal from programme of study, your admission to the current programme will no longer apply. A notification of a withdrawal implies that you are not guaranteed to re-enroll if you wish to resume your studies at a later time in the programme. 

    If you instead plan to resume your studies after a period of time, you should first apply for approved leave from studies.  Application for approved leave from studies is normally granted if you as a student have one of the special reasons specified in the regulations of the University and Higher Education Council, e.g. parental leave, military service, sick leave.

    Please note!

    • If you are not sure whether a withdrawal is right for you, please book a meeting with a study and career counselor.

    • Do not give notice of withdrawal until results, credits have been reported if you are waiting for such. 

    • It may be important to notify bodies such as the Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN), your unemployment insurance fund or the Swedish Migration Agency that you are withdrawing from studies.

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  • Registration of results/grades cannot be done if a withdrawal from studies is registered in Ladok. Therefore, wait to report a withdrawal until the results/grades you are waiting for are registered.
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  • Please note: When you have filled in the form and sent it to the University, do not close the webpage until you have been given confirmation by receiving a reference number.

    If you want to communicate with us, it is important that you quote the reference number given in the confirmation.